Maxrock P102 Small Size Sleeping Earbuds (free shipping)

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Especially for small ears. Noise Cancelling Earphones Earpods Side Sleeper, Insomnia, Snoring.

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[Comfortable Earphones]: These earphones offer the perfect small in-ear size and a fully soft silicone design, ensuring comfortable and secure long-term wear without easily falling off. They are so gentle that even sleeping on your side won’t cause discomfort. The ultra-soft silicone construction guarantees 24-hour wear without any discomfort, making them suitable for use with white noise or other sleep apps to enhance sleep quality and promote deep sleep.

[Lightweight Headphones]: With their lightweight build and long, slender wire that’s both durable and tangle-free, these headphones are easy to pack and carry. They are ideal for use on airplanes, trains, buses, subways, as well as during activities like running, exercising, sports, fitness, yoga, and sleep.

[Soundproof Earplugs]: The in-ear earplug design effectively blocks and muffles background noise, providing noise reduction that significantly reduces snoring, ambient hum, street noise, and other environmental sounds. Playing calming music enhances your listening and sleeping experience to the fullest.

[Built-In Mic & Controls]: These earphones come equipped with a built-in microphone and control button, allowing you to skip tracks, play, pause, receive voice prompts, and answer or end phone calls with ease, ensuring convenient access to your music and calls.

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Dimensions 9 × 4 × 7 cm



Single layer


soft silicone wear-resistant

Sound islation


1 review for Maxrock P102 Small Size Sleeping Earbuds (free shipping)

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    Dary Dinne

    The Maxrock Earbuds are an excellent choice for budget motorcycle earbuds. They’re cheap, super lightweight, and have decent sound quality, especially for their low price point.

    • Maxrock


      Thanks Dary you like it. And yes the sillicon rubber earbuds are ideal for motocyclers.

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