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[Lightweight and Comfortable] These earphones feature an exceptionally light and soft design that’s so comfortable you won’t even notice them, even when sleeping on your side. The squishy silicone material ensures incredible comfort for up to 24 hours of wear. They work well with white noise and other sleep apps, helping you fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper sleep.

[Ergonomic Double Layer Design for Various Ear Sizes] These earphones come with two sizes of ear tips to fit a wide range of ear canals. You can adjust the depth of insertion for a perfect fit. The soft and flexible silicone ear housing ensures they stay securely in your ears, preventing them from falling out.

[Flexible Earplugs for Noise Isolation] The in-ear earplug design effectively blocks out background noise, making them perfect for drowning out snoring, living room TV noise, office chatter, and the sounds of a noisy roommate. These earphones protect your listening experience even in loud environments.

[Patented 5mm Speaker for Clear and Crisp Audio] These earphones feature a super mini 5mm speaker that provides a snug in-ear experience. They deliver clear and crisp audio with excellent performance for treble and mids, with minimal distortion. While they may lack a bit in bass due to the silicone housing and speaker size, their main attraction is their long-term comfort.

[Built-in Microphone and Bonus Zipper Carry Case] The in-line microphone allows you to easily take calls and control your music playback. Plus, they come with a durable zipper case to keep your earphones safe and organized. Enjoy a hassle-free return and replacement policy for up to three months.

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13 reviews for Maxrock Sleeping Earbuds Earplugs (Free Shipping)

  1. Avatar

    Bob Simon

    These headphones are great

    • Maxrock


      Thanks Bob and glad you like it! Cheers!

  2. Avatar

    Linda M Lamb

    These are amazingly light and actually stay in my ears through the night. I can turn the volume up and drown out my husband’s snoring!

  3. Avatar


    These sleeping earbuds are great. I am very happy I can sleep while wearing them. I use them often.

  4. Avatar

    Stella Hook

    I purchased these headphones because I needed a comfortable pair of headphones to listen to hypnosis while in bed.. Other ear buds were hurting my ears. I liked the first pair so much I purchased 2 more just so I have backups. If you are listening to anything with headphones in bed – I would strongly recommend these – they go into your hear and there is nothing that hangs out of your ear to press on the pillow and they are very comfortable. The sound is great. I have purchased and tried other headphones that said they are for use in bed – but they just didn’t work for a variety of reasons. These work and I use them daily.

  5. Avatar

    Michael C

    I have had mine for 2 days now and love them. The the quality of the sound is superb. I sleep on my side and have never been able to wear any kind of headphone ear bud to bed. I am able to sleep with these in and not have any trouble with soreness when I wake up hours later. These buds also filter any but the loudest of noises, which will be good for me since I work nights and am often woken by my family moving about the house. I am ordering a second pair since these, because of the nature of their use, don’t appear to be especially durable although the friend who recommended these to me says he has used his regularly for the last eight months or so and has not had any problems.

  6. Avatar

    Anne Walts

    I have spent about $200 until I found this headphones, soft in ear and block my husband’s snoring..i am feeling good.

  7. Avatar

    Kayla Gonzales

    I’ve had these headphones since February 2019 and they still work like brand new. They are an essential item to bring with me when I travel because I’m able to sleep with them on without them hurting my ears (of course after multiple hours having something in your ear does get bothersome). Other headphones I’ve used in the past I’ve only been able to use while sleeping on airplanes for no more than an hour and they start to hurt. Because these headphones don’t have that hard backing they are super comfy. I’ve also had to use them while sleeping through the night when traveling because of noisy accomodations and they work great for noise cancellation!I also use them to go for runs and they stay pretty secure in the ear the whole time – with minor adjustments from time to time. I also use them for work video calls and the sound is crisp and clear and I’ve never had anyone tell me they can’t hear me – the mic works great as well.I’ve bought these as Christmas gifts too! Overall, an awesome product and I definitely recommend!

    • Maxrock Earbuds

      Maxrock Earbuds

      Hey Kayla, your words sound inspiring. We shall keep on the quality.

  8. Avatar

    Stacey L. Webb

    Super comfortable and good sound quality!
    I’ve been using URBeats by Dre for the last couple of years when they finally broke. I used them at night mainly because I can’t sleep with someone snoring. Lol. They worked, but were pretty uncomfortable. When I saw the MAXROCK earbuds, I was hoping they would be just as good as described. I was NOT disappointed! The whole part that goes in your ear is soft! I mean like squishy soft! And the buds themselves are super small so it fits right in my ear. You can’t feel them at all when they’re in your ear when you’re laying down. And the sound is really good too! I was pleasantly surprised! I liked them so much, I ordered a pair for my mom!

    • Maxrock Earbuds

      Maxrock Earbuds

      Thanks Stacey, glad that you enjoyed it. Feel free to come back when needed.

  9. Avatar

    Justin F. Penner

    This is my first time buying sleeping earbuds so I don’t have anything to compare them to, but I think the idea is great. Here’s what I like about the idea:1) They fit deep in the ear so I can lay on my side, listen to books, fall asleep, and mostly not feel them.2) They block out noise like earbuds.3) Sometimes I even put them back in in the morning if the house is noisy and I want to sleep longer.Criticism…1) While they stay inside my ears fairly well, I do find myself pressing them back in my ear on occasion. But everyone’s ears are different, so YMMV.

    • Maxrock Earbuds

      Maxrock Earbuds

      Thanks Justin, great that you like it.

  10. Avatar


    I’ve tried other earbuds, including an excellent audiophile quality set I had, but they really hurt your ears if you sleep on your side. These however are very small, they fit snugly into the ear and are low profile so they don’t hurt when side sleeping.

    While they are not the best sounding (compared to audiophile quality) they are more than good enough for soothing sleep inducing music. And the price can’t be beat. — I recommend them.

    • Maxrock Earbuds

      Maxrock Earbuds

      Many thanks for your recommendation.

  11. Avatar


    I have a question. I am considering these to use while commuting on my motorcycle but was curious which version blocks out the most noise and what the DB rating is? Thank you…

    • Maxrock


      Hi Mike, the earphone is about 20DB.
      Depends on your cellphone socket, we have 3.5mm jacket, USB-C, Lightning.

  12. Avatar

    GARY BUSCH (verified owner)

    order #3516 12-7-2023 has not arrived do you offer a shipping up date thanks gary please respone

    • Maxrock


      Sorry for late Gary. Since we had good communication via email, I suppose you’ve already got the parcel. Cheers!

  13. Avatar

    Anji Monique

    I am a side sleeper who also likes to listen to hypnotic affirmations while I sleep. I’ve tried countless ear buds, Bluetooth buds, and over the head earphone headbands to find the perfect ear bud and I can say it’s these.

    Pro: they’re super soft and operate as noise canceling as well as comfortable when sleeping on my side

    Con: the cord does get easily wrapped up on itself which can cause damage to the cord and premature life expectancy. The lightning jack plug in is considerably more expensive than the traditional phone jack plug but it’s worth it. Unlike the others that I’d used a fitting adjuster to make the old jack work with Apple, these don’t have the sound issues (randomly turning off in one or both ear buds).

    Sound quality is consistent with good range of highs and lows. Buds are labeled for R and L with sound controls on the R bud cord. Sound controls work well.

    Travel case is great for storing when not in use and carrying with you when traveling.

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