Maxrock P103-4 Bluetooth Sleeping Earbuds (free shipping)

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[Lightweight and Comfortable]: Crafted entirely from silicone, these earbuds offer exceptional flexibility and comfort for extended 24-hour wear. The super-light, soft design ensures you won’t even notice them in your ears, even while sleeping on your side.

[Neckband Design with Earbuds]: Featuring an ergonomic neckband design, these headphones are perfect for wearing during travel or outdoor sports activities. Additionally, the pliable silicone material can be easily bent for convenient storage and portability.

[Flexible Earplugs with Noise Isolating Design]: The in-ear earplug design effectively blocks out background noise, making them ideal for eliminating snoring, living room TV noise, office disturbances, and the sounds of a roommate. They ensure your listening experience remains undisturbed even in loud environments.

[Bluetooth Headphones]: Engineered with Bluetooth 4.1 technology and equipped with CSR8635 chips, these headphones offer fast and stable signal transmission for seamless connectivity. You’ll never miss a phone call when using these headphones, and the stereo crystal clear sound provides an excellent audio experience.

[Durable Battery and Quick Charging]: With a robust and long-lasting battery, these headphones only require about 30-40 minutes to charge fully. Moreover, they can support up to 220 hours of standby time, over 6 hours of music playback, and talk time. The LED indicator turns off once charging is complete.

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5 reviews for Maxrock P103-4 Bluetooth Sleeping Earbuds (free shipping)

  1. Avatar

    Jassica J

    I bought this to help me sleep. They do feel good in the ear as you’re resting on the pillow, and the around the neck design works better than I’d originally thought.

  2. Avatar

    David Garad

    These are possibly the lightest, most comfortable pair of earbuds that I have ever tried. These earbuds fit snugly into the ear canal and prove to be very soft.

  3. Avatar

    Marina Digest

    I love the way these fit in my small ears without pain. I like that I can take calls with them. I like it’s light weight and discrete design.

  4. Avatar

    Kiris Crava

    I like to fall asleep to either a playlist of songs or a Audible book set with a sleep timer. And these are so comfortable that you wake up and sometimes forget they’re in your ears.

    • Maxrock Earbuds

      Maxrock Earbuds

      Thanks Kiris, great that it helps!

  5. Avatar

    M. Thomas

    I noticed some people giving feedback saying all the issues they have with these headphones. I’ve had the Maxrock P103 headphones since January 2022 and I’ve never had an issue. They work flawless! I put them in my ears to go to sleep this evening and hadn’t charged them for 2 or 3 months as they’ve been sitting on my nightstand and the battery is still at 100%. I have perfect volume control (not too loud on 3rd volume setting from lowest) while connected to my Samsung Z-Flip 3 phone. I have no static or popping noise, they are still working great after a year and a half of usage. The are absolutely superb headphones and I wouldn’t use any other sleep headphones. I have the 1st & 3rd gen Air pods as well as Galaxy buds pro and these are much more comfortable for sleeping. I felt the need for leaving this feedback after some of the reviews I just read. They work!!

    • Maxrock Earbuds

      Maxrock Earbuds

      Thanks Thomas. Great that you like it!

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